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Must Know Genie+ Facts for Walt Disney World

Genie+ is a new planning feature that Guests heading to Walt Disney World can choose to add to their Walt Disney World tickets.  The cost for this is $15/person/ticket and gives Guests access to over 40 Lightning Lanes thus bypassing the standby line and saving time in line.

We have lots of information on Genie+ including how you purchase it HERE as well as suggestions on what rides to book first HERE.

We are now going to provide you with the top facts you need to know about Genie+ before heading to Walt Disney World.  We hope these facts will help you determine if Genie+ is right for you as well as help you be prepared to use it if you do determine you are going to purchase it for your Disney vacation.

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You Don’t Have To Purchase For Every Day

Even though Disney would like you to think you should purchase Genie+ for each day you have a ticket to visit a Disney Park, this isn’t the case.  You are able to buy Genie+ daily making it easy to skip days that you might not think you need it for.

We have more information on this HERE as well as dates in 2022 we think it might be good to add Genie+ HERE to help you with this decision.

Pick a Leader

When you are thinking about using Genie+ within the My Disney Experience, determine who is going to be the leader.

The key is to make sure everyone is connected under the friends and family section, but you don’t want everyone in the app trying to make changes.  This can confuse the system and cause issues.

Instead, choose one person to be in charge and allow them to be the one clicking and checking.  Having one point person can make it easier to use Genie+ and get more out of the system.

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Love Your Phone

Even though we all want to take time away from our phone while on vacation, this won’t be a reality if you are using Genie+.  Since you will be checking My Disney Experience for wait times as well as for Genie+ options, you will be looking at your phone a lot.

If this bothers you, schedule some time away by having breaks at the pool or just enjoying a meal or snack where you aren’t constantly running from ride or ride.

Because you are on your phone a lot, you will want to make sure you have those pack up chargers ready to go so you don’t end up with a dead phone.

Disney Skyliner
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Book From Anywhere

Something that is nice about Genie+ is that you don’t have to be in a Disney Park to book one.  This means that if your family wants to hang out at their Disney Resort during the morning, they can do so and still have some Genie+ selections waiting for them.

This is also helpful for those that like to Park Hop.  You can rope drop Magic Kingdom and book rides with Genie+ in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for later in the day.

Use this to your advantage throughout your vacation as you move between Parks, head to the Park or hang out at your Resort.

Don’t Give Up

When making a Genie+ selection you have to choose the time posted unlike Fastpass+ where you could choose your return window.  Because of this don’t give up.  If you check the tip board and don’t see a ride with any Genie+ options or you don’t see times that fit into your plans, keep refreshing.

To refresh the page, just pull down from the top of the screen.  This will reload the page and sometimes will show new options.

This is true throughout the day so keep checking back if you have a popular ride such as Slinky Dog Dash on your list.  You never know what will pop up.

One or More at a Time

Normally you will hold only one at a time.  Although there are ways to have more than one booked at a time – called stacking- this can be tricky to do throughout the day.

The best way to stack/hold more than one at a time is to book your return windows for later in the day.  By doing this you have a better chance of getting more booked at similar times as the day continues.

Keep in mind when you are stacking Genie+ does allow you to overlap times.  As you are given an hour for your return time, you can flex this to your advantage.  If you book Peter Pan’s Flight with a return window of 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, you are also able to hold a return time for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh for say 3:30-4:30.

This is possible because of the hour return time option.  Just pay attention to where in the Park the rides are so you have enough time to get to them within the window.

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120 Minute Rule

When booking Genie+ there are only three ways you can book another Genie+ selection.  One- you use the Genie+ on the ride, Two- you miss your return window or Three- it has been 120 minutes since you booked your last Genie+.

The best way to remember this is to use that cell phone timer.  If you book Haunted Mansion at 10 am but the return time isn’t until 4 pm that evening, you aren’t stuck not booking any more until 4pm.  Instead, 120 minutes after 10 am you are able to book another one meaning at 12 pm.

This will probably happen especially in Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios so be aware of the rules and ready to use it to your advantage.

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Set Up Your Tip Board

Our final tip is something to do before you can make your Genie+ selections.  The night before, head into the Tip Board and My Genie Day and select your ONE ride that you want to have been your first Genie+ selection for the day.

This will help the next morning at 7 am when you go to make your selections as the ride you picked will be at the top of your screen allowing you to book it quickly.  With Genie+ every second counts.

Genie+ is still extremely new and we are constantly learning more about it and how to use it the best in the Disney Parks.  We hope that these facts will help you be better prepared when you arrive in Walt Disney World.

For more tips for Walt Disney World, check out our post HERE.

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