Magic Kingdom Touring Plan for a 1 Day Visit

Castle Night Fireworks

10. Close The Park

After the glorious fireworks exhibition, either “Wishes” or “Happily Ever After”, and depending on where you are located, a majority of the crowds head for the exit gates, but my best advice would be to not exit right away and enjoy the rest of your day or evening riding more attractions, or if you’re too tired to wait in line or walk to an attraction, find a quiet place to sit and watch the crowds pass by.  Purchase a hot or cold beverage and a snack and enjoy the parade of people on their way out.  Some of the conversations can be amusing or even sad, for those youngsters who are not ready to leave.  Whether you choose to end your day with a bang or a relaxing reminiscing of your wonderful Disney World adventure, you will probably begin thinking about your next visit and making sure you have more time to soak up all the magic and fantasy of this wonderful place called the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Well, there you have it; my advice about how to enjoy the Magic Kingdom in one day.  Of course, I don’t believe anyone would be able to guarantee a one-day plan that would enable you to visit every attraction, and every show presented at the Magic Kingdom, including the exciting Parades and fireworks.  There is a way, however, that you can plan ahead and save time through Fast Pass+ reservations, which will enhance your visit by giving you more options and opportunities to enjoy your favorite attractions.  Whether you spend one day or a number of days at the Magic Kingdom, each and every visit is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will remember forever!

By Cecilia


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