Innovations and Imagination: What to Do When You Visit Epcot

Spaceship Earth

Epcot, the park where the world of the imagination and the science of reality blend and combine for a cocktail of creativity. Epcot represents a marriage of both sides of the brain, the logical and the imaginative. Here, guests can see into the future, explore the unseen corners of the mind, and even take a trip around the world. Unfortunately, many people, including a few Disney fans, don’t even give Epcot a chance. Some think it looks too educational for a fun-filled family vacation, some think it’s too grown-up for kids to enjoy, and some even think it just looks boring. I can happily say that these preconceptions are all wrong. Epcot is the most unique of the four Disney Parks, and that’s where its charm comes from. Epcot dares to be different and explore realms within our minds and beyond the stars. For those who still don’t know what to think about Epcot, or those just wanting to get the most out of their visit, here are a few tips to visiting the world of innovations.


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