Innovations and Imagination: What to Do When You Visit Epcot

1. Explore

There are multiple ways you can visit Epcot. See the World Showcase, ride some rides, kick it in Future World, whatever your heart desires. However, the absolute best way to see Epcot , in my opinion, is to simply walk in and take in. Epcot is one of those places that simply just needs to be seen. Walk around, explore, interact, and immerse yourself in some imaginative environments. I’m not saying don’t hit the big rides first and do the normal theme park routine. Go right ahead and get in line for Test Track while you can, and get some photo ops while you’re at it. I’m saying take some time in your visit to appreciate all the attention to detail and astounding feats of design and atmosphere that make Epcot unique. Make some memories to take home with you. Epcot is an amazing park dedicated to exploring new possibilities both factual and fantastic, show it the love it deserves.

By Zach


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