Innovations and Imagination: What to Do When You Visit Epcot

New Soarin

2. Ticket to Ride

Now, what would a theme park be without a few thrilling rides and attractions?  A trip to Epcot is purely incomplete without visiting some iconic thrill spots. As many Disney buffs already know, Epcot is home to the fastest ride in all the parks, Test Track, a rideable engineering experiment that sends guests racing up to 60 mph down the racetrack. Easily the most thrilling ride in the resort. If you’re looking for something more scenic, Soarin’ is the ride for you. Take a skyward trip around the planet in this enchanting visual experience and see the world from a bird’s eye view. It should be noted that these two attractions should be visited first to avoid long lines and waits. If you’re looking for something more mellow, take a journey through the imagination with Figment at The Imagination Institute, or sample the flavors of Latin America with the Three Caballeros in La Gran Fiesta at the Mexico pavilion. For those wanting to experience a more traditional Epcot attraction, Spaceship Earth is the place for you. Though somewhat dated by a few standards, there is no denying the vintage charm of this old classic. Experience the history of the world through the magic of Disney Animatronics and the lovely voice of Judi Dench as your guide through history. Epcot may be different from the other three parks, but it does not lack by any means in the thrill department.


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