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Fans Infuriated With “Sad” State of Disney Ride: “I Almost Can’t Even Ride It Anymore”

Fans are officially at their wits’ end with the state of one of the most iconic Disney Park rides and feel it’s high time for Disney to do something about it.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a classic Disney attraction. Whether it’s one that has been there for decades, like Country Bear Jamboree, or one of the more iconic dark rides like Space Mountain or Haunted Mansion, both the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have mastered theme park entertainment.

"Partners" statue, Cinderella Castle, Disney's Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort
“Partners” statue in front of Cinderella Castle, Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

“it’s a small world” in Sad Shape According to Guests

Recently, a guest took to social media to bemoan the current state of “it’s a small world.”

The guest explained all the issues they spotted with the attraction,

“Can we please talk about It’ s a Small World? I almost cant even ride it anymore because it’s so sad/infuriating how run down they’re letting it get. Today I counted at least 3 drummer boys with only 1 moving arms, so many dolls not moving right, a bride doll missing her groom. The carpet looks dingy. The paint in the queue needs cleaned up. The baseboards are moldy. Where they’ve tried to fix or replace dolls the carpet cut outs look terrible.”

it's a small world
Credit: Disney

Of course, it’s important to note that “it’s a small world” is a classic, and the guest clarified they did not want Disney to remove the ride; rather, they wanted Disney to fix it.

The guest also commented, “As an original opening day attraction I sincerely hope they consider cleaning this up and restoring to the state it deserves.”

Fellow guests echoed these sentiments, also calling out specific elements of the attraction they’d noticed were in less-than-ideal condition. One wrote, “Last time I went they had at least fixed the winking hippo so it didn’t look like it was having a serious medical episode.”

it's a small world WDW hippo
Credit: Linnette Vasquez, Flickr

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Another guest also reminded the OP that The Walt Disney Company is in “bad financial shape.”

They commented, “I get your sentiment, but they lost money for 4 quarters after the pandemic and are averaging a 2 to 3% profit margin since then. Prior to pandemic they maintained margins at or above 12% going back over a decade.”

It’s definitely unfortunate to hear guests’ issues with “it’s a small world,” considering this is not the first time this has been noted. At present, Disney hasn’t made any announcements to majorly upgrade the attraction.

it's a small world magic kingdom
Credit: Disney

What Does “it’s a small world” Have To Do With Disney?

Some fans might be wondering what the connection is between “it’s a small world.” Well, according to the Disneyland website, it was created in 1964-65 for the purpose of the New York World’s Fair. It was one of the last few attractions for which Walt Disney personally oversaw the design and creation.

The attraction was a huge hit for two seasons at the New York World’s Fair and it was eventually shipped back to open at Disneyland Park in 1966. In 1971, it opened its doors in the Magic Kingdom.

Have you gone on “it’s a small world” recently? Do you agree with this guest’s thoughts?

Please note that the opinions expressed in this story are from Walt Disney World guests, and no two guest experiences are alike. Further, the opinions expressed do not necessarily represent Disney Fanatic’s views on Disney Parks operations. 

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