Fact or Fiction?  10 Myths About Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Club 33

4.  Walt Disney World Has a Secret Private Club

There has been a myth going around that there is an exclusive private club, Club 21 located at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, somewhere near the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.  It is supposedly a secret club designed to resemble Club 33, a private club in Disneyland available for corporate sponsors, VIP’s, and Club members only, with a membership fee beginning at $25,000, including $12,000 a year in dues.  Unlike Club 33 in Disneyland, Club 21 is, in fact, a myth.  There is no Club 21.  I am sure there are many Disney fanatics that would be willing to pay the fees for such a club, but for now, they’ll just have to wait, and maybe some day Walt Disney World will have an exclusive Members Only Club.  Who knows?  I, myself, don’t need an exclusive Club to totally enjoy my Walt Disney World experience.



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