Everything You Need to Know About Being a Princess at Disney Parks

Princess Tiana

6. A princess must know her story and not stray from it.

Once a young lady has been offered the role of Disney princess, she must be well versed in the story behind her character. If she is playing the role of Rapunzel, she will know about Mother Gothel, Flynn Rider, frying pans and the Snuggly Duckling. If she is chosen to portray Cinderella in the parks, she will need to know the story of how she became the princess and how her stepmother and stepsisters tried to keep her from the prince. No matter what role she is playing, she must know her story well—even smaller details of her story—so that when a Guest asks her about a part of her story, she can respond accurately and appropriately. She cannot stray from her story. Doing so can sully the Magic for Guests and discredit her as the actual princess she’s portraying.

Not only must she know details about her princess’s story, but she shouldn’t know details outside of her story. For example, if a young lady who is playing the role of Princess Aurora is asked about Harry Potter, Hogwarts, the iPhone X or Downtown Abbey, she must act as though she’s completely unfamiliar with those things because they are not a part of her Disney story. This is another way that Disney ensures that the princesses’ roles are believable.

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