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Disney Cast Member’s Actions Leave Guests in Disarray

Two families spoke out on social media this week about “horrible” experiences with the same Disney security cast member. The guests report that when they entered Disneyland Resort, they were targeted by a “mean” cast member who wanted to get them “banned for life.”

Security screens all guests before they enter Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and Downtown Disney District. Walt Disney World Resort recently installed X-ray scanners that eliminate the need for bag checks. However, Disneyland Resort still requires cast members to inspect all personal items entering the Southern California Disney parks.

Security at Disney World
Credit: Inside the Magic

Most security cast members work kindly and efficiently to secure The Happiest Place on Earth while ensuring guests enjoy their day at the Disney Resort. Issues with the security team are rare and guests shouldn’t expect any trouble unless they’re carrying any of the following prohibited items: firearms, knives, ammunition, weapons of any kind, marijuana, illegal substances, outside alcohol, self-defense or restraining devices, fireworks, explosive items, fog/smoke machines, glass containers, horns/megaphones/noise makers, wagons, recreational devices (drones, remote-control toys, etc.), oversized coolers, suitcases, folding chairs, selfie sticks, and tripod stands.

Disneyland Resort security cast members search bags for these items and any others they “determine may be harmful or disruptive.” By purchasing Disney theme park tickets, guests agree to these terms.

Guest and Security Cast Member wearing facemasks at Tokyo Disney Resort
Credit: Disney

These two individual Disney Park guests didn’t have a problem with the bag check, but with how a security cast member handled it. Redditor u/Southern_Ad_4406 wrote about their “horrible” experience first. The first member of their party made it through quickly, but one of the security cast members insisted on an overly thorough search of the rest of their bags.

“The lady took every. single. Item. Out of the bag. One by one opening the items and inspecting them so closely,” they recalled. “It just got so ridiculous…I totally understand them being [thorough] and looking at stuff but this was something I’ve never seen before. She was opening up our snacks and smelling them, squishing our bags and asking us what everything was.”

Her fellow cast member was embarrassed about the guests’ experience.

Mickey Mouse in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
Credit: Disney

“The guy who was partnered with her apologized to my friend about this lady’s behavior and said she’s the type to ‘get you banned for life’ which is just such a weird way of thinking and behaving,” the guest continued. “…It left such a sour taste in my mouth…I don’t think someone with such a negative mentality should be working at Disneyland of all places.”

Within 24 hours, Redditor u/TouristBusiness9243 shared a shockingly similar experience with Disneyland Resort security.

“I had a security bag check from hell the other day,” the guest began. “…This person opened up every single pocket, never said hello to me, or even said a word to me, put every single item on the table, even threw my bag about 2 feet away from me, and never said a word to me during the entire encounter. It was unprofessional and rude.”

A couple walk towards the California Adventure entrance
Credit: Vince Fleming via Unsplash

“After the five minute bag inspection, she just looked at the person behind me and didn’t say anything either,” they continued. “I assume she wanted me to put my stuff back in the bag and move away. But she never communicated anything verbally to me or the person behind me…Her behavior was completely unacceptable. She never said a word to me. I said hello to her and good morning, and she just stared at me and then threw my bag 2 feet away from me.”

The guest said it “wouldn’t surprise” them if they encountered the same security cast member as their fellow Redditor.

“I am a former cast member and actually worked security in other resorts so I know that her behavior was not acceptable,” they concluded.

Do the actions of this Disney security cast member warrant a report to Guest Services? 

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Jess Colopy

Jess Colopy is a Disney College Program alum and kid-at-heart. When she’s not furiously typing in a coffee shop, you can find her on the hunt for the newest Stitch pin.

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1 thought on “Disney Cast Member’s Actions Leave Guests in Disarray”

  1. If you are able to identify this security guard, then yes, I would report them. Give the date/time and if you can remember, which lane you were in for inspection. And then give as complete of a description of her, height, weight, hair color/length, eye color, and anything else to describe her. Also give her partner’s description (but also emphasis he wasn’t the problem). The ONLY way that management (or Disney or any other business) will know what is going on is if it is reported to them. Especially Disney, is simply too large for management to see everything. Also, anyone that reads this article and thinks, “oh that sounds like the guard who mistreated us”….report it even if it’s been a while. One complaint, management sadly will probably just write it off, but repeated complaints about the same person doing the same activity, will/should warrant a bit of looking into. Be sure to ask that Disney contact you to discuss this further (only way to know whether Disney management even saw it, not a guarantee they will, but better to at least try). Sad to say, but if you think something that might have been the reason you were “targeted” let management know that as well. If you are still angry and Disney doesn’t do anything, consider taking it to the media. I hate t hear stuff against Disney, but when I do, I want Disney to know about it so they can fix it.

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