An Overview of Disney World's 8 Deluxe Resort Hotels

Yacht Club

3. Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club

While technically two separate resorts, Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club dwellings are actually sister resorts that, despite their own unique décor and style, both follow the coastal New England theme. While the Yacht Club takes on a more stately1880s coastal hotel feel similar to Martha’s Vineyard Resort, the Beach Club is all about New England’s charming beachside persona, with cheerful pastel colors and the same northern east coast regality and grace of cottages at Newport Beach. Room accommodations at the two range from standard to club level with villas available at the Beach Club. Both resorts, located within the Epcot Area, opened back in November of 1990, with the Yacht Club making the debut first and the Beach Club following days later.

Depending on your own distinct preferences in design, décor, and style (and room distinction, of course) you may have a varied interest in which hotel to stay in, but regardless of whichever one you choose you will be able to experience all the same shared nautical niceties and amenities. This includes three leisure pools as well as exclusive access to Stormalong Bay—the three-acre manmade water wonderland designed specifically for the use of guests staying at either of the two resorts. Other recreational endeavors to be enjoyed include jogging trails, volleyball and tennis, arcade games, motorized boat rentals, movies under the stars, miniature golf, and so many others. This is also one of the departure points for Pirate Adventure Cruises for children between the ages of 4 and 12. On another unique note, Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club resorts are both situated within convenient walking distance from Epcot as well as Hollywood Studios.

Whether you crave to indulge in lush seafood or have tastes that are more grounded to the land, you’ll find plenty of options for eating onsite at both resorts. Yachtsman Steakhouse is a most enticing signature dining option, open for dinner daily and featuring premium cut steak selections along with an array of other mouthwatering menu offerings. What’s more, there’s even an open kitchen where you can watch the meal prep come together and also an age-drying room right on location. Cape May is another favorite. Open for breakfast and dinner daily, this all-you-can-eat buffet offers a more casual, family-friendly relaxed setting. In fact, breakfast is an occasion for character dining in the form of Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast. While you enjoy bountiful selections of all your traditional breakfast favorites, you’ll get to enjoy the presence of Minnie Mouse along with Goofy and Donald. Then dinner is the ultimate seafood lover’s dream come true with so many selections ranging from crab legs, mussels, clams, shrimp, and more. Also note that there are plenty of land fare options as well, like ribs, chicken, and more. In addition to these two dining options both the Yacht and Beach Club boast many other great stops for food and drink.


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