Adventureland and Liberty Square – 12 Reasons Why These Are 2 Of Our Favorite Areas of Magic Kingdom

Jungle Navigation Company Skipper Canteen

3. Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

Based on the Jungle Cruise ride, the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen was a nice addition to the selection of restaurants in Magic Kingdom.  While you don’t need to know the entire backstory of the theme Disney chose for the restaurant to enjoy eating here, the designers nonetheless were very thorough in their attention to detail.  The furniture, fixtures, artwork, and other decorations really deliver on the jungle cruise theme.  Skipper Canteen also delivers on the food, which has Asian, African, and South American influences.  From the Berber-spiced lamb to the char siu pork to the churrasco-marinated strip steak, there’s an entrée for nearly every possible taste.  Try out this Adventureland eatery, and be sure to leave room for dessert or one of the specialty drinks!

Photo Credit: Disney


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