8 of the Most Exciting Jobs at Walt Disney World Resort

Castle Fireworks

8.  Tinker Bell

If you are 5’0” or shorter, and weigh up to 105 pounds, you could possibly apply at Walt Disney World for a job portraying Tinker Bell in flight.  What a glorious job to hold.  First you don a beautiful Tinker Bell costume, including wings and a wand that light up, then you are hooked up to a harness which will be attached to a wire that will allow you to take flight over the Magic Kingdom at the beginning of the Nighttime Fireworks Spectacular.  If you’ve ever dreamed about flying, this would be your dream come true; to not only fly over the Magic Kingdom, but to do so as one of Walt Disney’s favorite fairies from the Peter Pan movies, books, and Disney theme parks.  This is definitely one of the most exciting jobs at Walt Disney World.

There you have it, some of the most exciting jobs at Walt Disney World.  When I was younger and would visit Disney World, I always watched the cast members to see if they were having a good time, and most of the time they were either smiling, laughing, or interacting with guests in line.  As I grew older, there seemed to be more retired cast members who were working in the shops or as ride or character attendants, and they too seemed to really be enjoying themselves.  I would tell anyone who has ever dreamed of working at Walt Disney World to never give up on that dream.  I’ve seen Disney World cast members from college age to retirement age, and they all had that magical gleam in their eyes, that magical Disney smile, and that happy Disney personality.  Hey, I might apply myself when I get ready to retire!

By Cecilia


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