7 Things You’ll Love About Storybook Circus in the Magic Kingdom


4.  The Barnstormer

Join the Great Goofini for a rollicking ride on a stunt plane roller coaster.  Hold on tight as your “plane” rapidly swoops down and around a bustling barnyard.  The story behind this attraction is that when the circus rolled into town and pitched its tents in Fantasyland, Goofy spotted an abandoned barn and decided it would be the perfect staging area for a brave new daredevil flying act.  Goofy named his act : The Barnstormer featuring Goofy as the Great Goofini, and guests are invited to experience what stunts Goofy would perform in his homemade stunt plane.  There are quick turns, ups and downs, and  whole lot of surprises.  This is a great little roller coaster for younger children, but quite tame compared to some of the more thrilling roller coasters at Walt Disney World.  It is, however, one of those fun rides the whole family can enjoy together.  Also, being in the presence of the Great Goofini is a great honor.



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