7 Family Vacation Ideas For Walt Disney World

Mans Hoodie shirt

1. Grab Some Disney Garb

A very popular thing to do when heading to Disney World is to stock up on new Disney clothing. We think this is a great idea, and can be a great way to make some memories.

Have siblings dress up as characters from a favorite movie, or “Disneybound” as a family, with everyone—and in the case of teenagers and adults, subtly—dressing up as their favorite Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, or Star Wars characters. Alternatively, you could have special t-shirts made for the occasion. This is actually both fun and practical because it makes staying together as a group much easier and can even prevent problems with lost children.

Of course, these are just some of the ways to make your vacation to Disney World extra special. Try thinking outside the box to see what you can come up with. Whatever you do, be sure to have a blast and make some amazing memories with your family!

By Chelsea


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