The 10 Souvenirs Every Disney Fan Must Have

Souvenirs coffee mug

One of the most exciting things about a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida is choosing souvenir items that will forever commemorate your time in the parks. It’s impossible to forget such an incredible and magical vacation, but everyone likes to have mementos from their trip as keepsakes once they return home. And Disney Fans are no exception. But with an endless number of souvenirs available for purchase at Disney World, it can be a difficult task to choose and purchase only what will fit in your luggage during the plane ride home. So how in the (Disney) world do you narrow down your choices? Every Guest is different, as are his or her likes, interests and tastes—all of which play a role in the selection of souvenirs. No two Disney fans will have identical tastes and preferences, but here are 10 Walt Disney World souvenirs that many fans agree are some of the best to take back home.


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