6 Reservations You Should Make Before Making the Trip to Walt Disney World

Disney Tickets

1. Park tickets

With all of the changes in ticket prices, I would highly suggest getting your tickets before you visit Walt Disney World instead of waiting until you get to the park. Disney now does tier ticket pricing, meaning that based on the expected crowd levels you’ll either pay more or less. Buying your tickets in advance allows you to try and plan your trip when the tickets will be at their lowest, if at all possible. In addition, if you’re visiting during the fall/winter months, you’ll want to get tickets for the parties at Magic Kingdom before they sell out!

Making reservations in advance ensures that you will have a smooth, carefree and stress-free trip to the most magical place on earth! It may seem like you’re planning a lot so far ahead, but it makes a huge difference. Be sure to keep an eye out for deals, dining reservations and other fun extras that will make your trip awesome.

By Monet


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