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6 Problems You Could Face at Disney This Summer

Summer has started, so many family trips to Walt Disney World are coming up. If you have a summer trip to Walt Disney World, now is the time to ensure you are prepared.

We have TEN problems that many people will face this summer at Walt Disney World and how you can avoid them during your magical vacation. Be aware of these to have a magical time during your summer trip to Walt Disney World.

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1. Heat

Heat is a significant part of a summer trip to Walt Disney World. The temperature rises quickly in the morning and is joined by humidity. These two combine to make difficult touring conditions throughout the four Disney Parks.

You won’t be able to avoid these conditions, but you can come prepared to handle them. There are a few ways that you can do this. First, make sure you pack cool clothing. Think about items that will breathe easily throughout the Parks. If possible, skip the dark colors and layers, such as black and cotton.

A few items you want to make will be cooling towels and individual fans. These can make a massive difference in the Parks as you navigate. Having some hair movement can be a lifesaver in long lines, and cooling towels do a fantastic job of helping your body remain cool.

Planning for these challenging conditions can make them much more manageable.

Iced Water, Disney Parks
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2. Dehydration

Because there is so much heat and humidity, dehydrating becomes very easy. Make sure you have water or access to water throughout your trip. Bring your refillable water bottle from home that you can fill at quick service locations or water stations around the Park or have water delivered to your Disney Resort.

By having a plan going into the vacation regarding water, you will have a better chance of avoiding dehydration. We also recommend looking into bringing hydration packets as well. These are quick ways to battle dehydration if it becomes an issue.

Dehydration can be a significant concern during the summer months. Keep everyone hydrated by having a water plan.

Crowds at Disney
Crowds at Disney

3. Crowds

The reality is that you will face crowds during the summer months at Walt Disney World. With school out, many families use this time for family vacations. Although summer crowds have decreased over the last few years, they are still significant.

Plan ahead of time to learn how to navigate the crowds. Think about getting to the Parks early or staying late when the groups are lower. Make sure you have plans for food as the main dining times become extremely busy. Use mobile ordering to place your order early and ensure you have a window for meal time.

Use our tips to help you navigate the crowds during the summer months for a less stressful trip.

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4. Longer Lines

With crowds come long lines throughout the Parks. Have a plan for how you are going to avoid those long lines. Start by getting to the Parks early or staying late. This will allow you to take advantage of those lower crowds levels during those times.

Skip out on the afternoons when the Parks are the busiest. Instead, take a break, head to a nice meal, Resort hop, or swim.

You can also consider using Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lanes. Even though these are an extra cost to your trip, they can significantly affect your wait times.

Do some research so you can determine if these two features will help your family avoid long lines during their trip.

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Dig Site Pool Coronado Springs Resort
Credit: Disney

5. Full Pools

Because of the warm weather and summer fun, many Disney Resort Pools will be extremely busy during the day. To avoid the larger crowds, consider enjoying them in the morning or at night. These times are less active than the middle of the day.

If you are staying at a Moderate Resort or Deluxe Resort, look into swimming at one of the quiet pools. Even though they don’t have slides, these can be much less busy and allow for a better swimming experience during your trip.

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flooded magic kingdom
Raining in Disney

6. Rain

Finally, be prepared for rain during your summer trip to Walt Disney World. Summer is known for being a rainy season at Walt Disney World. Most days can see a rain storm come through in the afternoon.

Don’t let a little rain slow you down. Pack those ponchos, rain jackets, and umbrellas to continue enjoying the Parks even in the Rain.

Also, take time to know what experiences in each Park remain open in the rain. Head to shows and meet and greets during the rain to continue enjoying the Parks.

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Summer is a great and beautiful time to visit Walt Disney World, but it isn’t without problems. These six problems are ones that you will probably face during your summer trip to Walt DIsney World.


Come prepared for these problems to arise by having a plan, packing, and preparing for them. Doing this will make them less of a significant problem and more of a slight inconvenience. Get ready for a magical time at Walt Disney World this summer.


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