The 6 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Visiting the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

Every fall Epcot welcomes more countries from around the world and invites guests to sample even more food and drink from other nations around the globe.  The Food and Wine Festival is very popular, so you’ll definitely want to read this article so you don’t make these six mistakes when visiting and taking part in the fun!

6 – Paying with Cash or Credit Card

With so many different dining options at various kiosks throughout World Showcase, you don’t want to constantly be caught having to pull cash or credit cards out of your wallet, purse, or pocket.  Disney has two great options that make paying much easier.  First, for guests staying on property, you can simply use your MagicBand linked to your reservation and charge your purchases to your room.  Every kiosk comes equipped with one of the readers, so paying is easy.  The second method is to purchase a reloadable gift card.  We used this method on our trip and it was GREAT – the gift card is attached to a wristband so you can wear it and when paying at the kiosk, Cast Members simply scan your card and that’s it.  The card is reloadable and reusable, so if you don’t use all of your balance, no need to worry because you can use it later on your trip or even on your next trip!

5 – Saving Souvenirs for Last

Disney puts out a lot of specialty merchandise for the Food and Wine Festival.  Most of these items are available at specialty festival tents throughout World Showcase, but some merchandise is only available at the Festival Center, located in the former Wonders of Life Pavilion.  Some of this merchandise is limited, so if you wait till later in the festival to visit, you may be running the risk of missing out on your favorite souvenirs!

4 – Trying to Eat and Drink It All

The key to enjoyment at the Food and Wine Festival is moderation.  Guests can easily over-indulge on both food and drink by only stopping at half of the kiosks.  Don’t go to the festival expecting to sample it all – plan your trip beforehand and research the festival guide and see what kiosks you’d like to visit and what options you’d like to try.  Keep in mind that even though the drinks and food portions are smaller that you can share with your group – not only is this a way to ensure you don’t over do it, but you can also save some money doing this!

3 – Taking a Traditional Route

When World Showcase opens, don’t start in Mexico or Canada.  Head to the back of World Showcase first to beat some of the crowds and have the kiosks to yourself before the crowds permeate back there.  You’re sure to encounter crowds at some of the kiosks, but by starting in back, you are ensuring you won’t have to battle crowds at every kiosk.  Plus, some of our favorite (and we are sure you’ll love them too) kiosks are located in the back!

2 – Going On a Weekend

There is no other way to say it, but the festival is popular.  Locals tend to go to Food and Wine on the weekend, so crowds are intense.  If your schedule allows, plan to experience the festival during the week.  Based on crowd levels and park attendance numbers, Tuesdays seem to be the best, but any day of the work week is going to be leaps and bounds better than going on the weekend.  On a recent trip, there were lines our family skipped based on the length of the line since we could only visit on a weekend day this year.

1 – Eating Before You Go

Guests will definitely want to visit the Food and Wine Festival with an appetite.  Don’t schedule any ADRs for the day you are going to the festival.  We love being able to walk around World Showcase and sample the delicious offerings of each country.  We also like being able to take more than one lap around World Showcase to allow some of the food to digest so we can sample more of the food (and grab some of our favorites a second time)!

The Food and Wine Festival is quickly coming to an end, but before you know it, Flower and Garden Festival will be invading Epcot and then you’ll be reading about the menus for next year’s Food and Wine Festival.  Keep these tips in mind so you don’t make any mistakes on your trip to Food and Wine.  Have you been?  What mistake do you avoid making when you visit?

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