6 Biggest Expenses of a Walt Disney World Vacation


4. Dining

You gotta eat, right? Actually, the food at Disney is a huge part of the fun! There are multiple table-service restaurants, counter-service restaurants and lots of fun snack options. Additionally, you really should do at least one character meal, where you can enjoy a fun meal with your favorite Disney characters. The big question as far as dining is, to purchase the Disney Dining Plan or not? Yes, you can save money with the dining plan, especially if you do multiple character meals. Plus, there’s the convenience of paying for your meals up front. Personally, my problem with the dining plan is that it is too much food! My family prefers to eat when we’re hungry, as opposed to the structure required with the dining plan. Do your homework and consider your family’s dining preferences. *Bonus tip: Disney menus can be found online.


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