5 Things We Love About Tony's Town Square Restaurant In The Magic Kingdom

Tony's Town Square
While Disney has many iconic films under its belt, there are only a few that are truly connected to food. One particularly food-oriented movie—or, at least, one that we viewers automatically associate with dinner—is Lady and the Tramp. A classic Disney animation, this movie features one of the most romantic and recognizable dinner scenes in film; with beautiful accordion music, spaghetti, and a glorious Italian setting, Lady and Tramp's dinner date is one that we all endeavor to emulate in our own culinary lives! If you're not particularly talented when it comes to cooking (and don't have immediate access to an accordion), then head to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, where Tony's Town Square Restaurant can give you the real thing. If you're still not convinced, here are five reasons to book your ticket—AND make your reservation, pronto!


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