5 Dining Opportunities You’ll Love at Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort

pork two ways Disney World California Grill

1. California Grill

The holy grail of Walt Disney World fine dining, California Grill is as much as experience as it is a meal. California Grill serves up savory dishes in season with incredible flavor and presentation, all with a spectacular view of Bay Lake and The Magic Kingdom.  California Grill is located at the top of The Contemporary which means diners get a bird’s eye view of Bay Lake and the monorail line.  You can even watch the fireworks from The Magic Kingdom from the viewing platform outside the restaurant.  If you are not dining around the time fireworks are happening you can return to the California Grill information desk in The Contemporary to present your restaurant dining receipt to the attendant and return to the restaurant to view the fireworks.  In the way of food, I advise you to try some of it all by going big and indulging in several courses.  Pork two ways, spicy flatbread and Sonoma goat cheese ravioli are some of my family’s favorites on the California Grill menu.  However, visiting the restaurant different times of the year will mean an evolving menu offering different dishes.  This Contemporary dining spot will always top my dining list and is a must do for every Walt Disney World fan.

By Katherine


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