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3 Big Missteps That Impact Your Disney Trip

When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, we all dream of a perfect and magical trip. The reality is that sometimes missteps and mistakes happen. These can impact your vacation in big and small ways if you aren’t prepared.

We want to share some of the big missteps that Guests make so you can avoid them during your next Walt Disney World vacation.

Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes
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No Dining Plans Made

Eating is an essential part of a Walt Disney World vacation; if you don’t have a plan for getting food, it can cause significant issues and meltdowns during your trip.

Quick Service

If you are planning on eating at Disney’s quick service locations throughout the Disney Parks and Disney Resorts, you still need to have a plan. Most of these areas use mobile ordering. This allows Guests to preorder their food through the My Disney Experience app. This is a fantastic way to skip the long lines when ordering food.

Many Guests need to correct a mistake regarding mobile ordering: they wait until the last minute to place their order. To help limit crowds, Disney only has many mobile orders available for each window. If you wait until you are hungry to order, you might find that the next available pick-up time isn’t for a few hours.

To avoid this misstep, place those mobile orders early on in the day. You can typically place orders as soon as the Parks open for the day. This is a great way to ensure you get the time that will work the best for your family. You can still adjust your order before your window opens, which is a great way to avoid quick service meltdowns.

Chef Mickeys
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Table Service

Another dining mistake that Guests make is not booking their table service restaurants at the 60-day mark. Many popular dining locations such as California Grill, Chef Mickey’s, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Space 220, and others book up quickly. To ensure you get the reservation you want to experience, booking right at the 60-day mark is critical.

Don’t make the misstep of showing up at Magic Kingdom and thinking you will be able to walk up to a table service location at mealtime. Know that reservations are needed ahead of time, and plan to get them made in the My Disney Experience app before your trip.

If you don’t get the reservations you want at the 60-day mark, all is not lost. Keep checking, as people cancel all the time. You can also check the walk-up waitlist for some restaurants day of. Although these go quickly, it doesn’t hurt to look.

A significant misstep regarding Walt Disney World needs a food plan. It is important to stay fueled during the day; a plan is vital to do this without stress.

Rain in Disney
Rain in Disney

Not Thinking About Weather

Not thinking about the weather is a major misstep that can significantly impact your Disney trip. We would love for every day at Disney to be warm and sunny, but the reality is that bad weather happens even at Walt Disney World.

Be prepared. Pack for the weather. Not only should you check the weather before your trip, but make sure you have items for rain and cold. Weather changes quickly at Walt Disney World, so you will want to be ready for that.

No matter when you visit Walt Disney World, you will come across rain storms. Make sure you toss in items such as umbrellas, ponchos, and rain jackets. Having these tossed into your Disney Park bag can allow you to keep enjoying the magic when rain happens. Throw on the ponchos and keep going.

Make sure you pack winter gear for those with planned trips during the winter months. It is crucial to have coats, mittens, and hats for those cold fronts. We have seen that a lot this year, so ensure you are prepared with items to keep you warm.

Layers are also necessary no matter when you travel. Mornings and evenings are cool, and having a light layer can make a huge difference. Layers are also lovely when dining in restaurants, riding on the buses, or enjoying an indoor show like Mickey’s Philharmagic. Sometimes the air conditioning can be a little intense, and having a nice, light layer can be helpful to feel comfortable.

Donald Frustrated Planning
Donald Frustrated Planning

Not Planning

A major mishap that can significantly impact your experience at Walt Disney World is showing up without a plan. Now more than ever, it is essential to have an overall plan before you show up at Walt Disney World.

Start by making sure that you have made your Park Pass Reservations. These are required to be allowed into the four main Disney Parks. Don’t wait until you arrive at Disney to make these. Parks, specifically Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, see their reservations booked up, and you could be blocked out.

Make sure you have a comprehensive must-do list before heading to Disney Parks. Know what rides, shows, attractions, and food everyone wants to experience during your trip. Having this planned ahead of time will give you direction and goals throughout the day.

Showing up and just trying to wing it can lead to frustration and wasted time. Having a goal will keep everyone on the same page and help you navigate your day.

Guests make those three biggest missteps during their Walt Disney World vacation. They can easily be prevented by planning. Think about these three big areas, so you are ready to have a magical time. Need more tips and trips for planning? Check out our post HERE.




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