15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Cruising With Disney

3. Trendsetting firsts in innovation

There are so many fun facts and notable firsts historically linked with Disney Cruises. While we’ve touched briefly on some Disney Cruise Line firsts and exclusive offerings already, here’s a quick look into some of the innovations that were first seen in staterooms that ended up setting trends for other cruise lines to follow. Disney staterooms were the first in the industry to feature bathtubs in most of their bathrooms. This was a convenient move for traveling families, particularly those with small children. Furthermore, the bath and a half layout adds extra convenience, with a sink and tub (or shower) in one private area and then a separate room with a sink and toilet. They were also the first cruise line to offer balconies in the majority of their staterooms—something that wasn’t always commonplace with cruises but has since become the norm, thanks to Disney. Disney’s staterooms, in general, were always larger than those on other cruise lines adding more space and comfort along with such space-saving features as raised beds for additional storage underneath. And don’t forget all those enchanting in-room extras that are still exclusive to Disney, like unique art (sometimes even interactive) and theming.


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