15 Fun Facts About Disney’s Goofy


13. Goof of all Trades

In the 1950s, Disney animators tried to reach a more adult-oriented audience by making Goofy into “The Everyman,” a character whose exploits would focus more on the life of the then modern man. This Goofy, renamed George Geef,  played the roles of a teacher, a salesman, a referee, a private detective, and a slew of other professions to create humor adults would appreciate as well as kids. This resulted in a unique aspect of Goofy. If one were to look at him in addition characters such as Mickey or Donald, of the three of them Goofy would have the most diverse career. True we’ve seen Mickey as a magician and a tugboat captain and Donald as a pilot and a sailor, but compared to Goofy, they have noticeably shorter resumes. 

Photo Credit: Disney


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