13 Disney Experiences for Hardcore Fans

Mickey's Kitchen Sink

6. The Kitchen Sink Challenge 

We’ve had our lunch, our fruity snack, now time for a dessert. And this one takes more than the cake. The Kitchen Sink is a notoriously large ice-cream sundae, made with five different flavors of ice cream, topped with (according to Beaches and Cream’s Menu) “every topping we have” including an entire can of whipped cream, and served in the iconic kitchen sink bowl. This massive sugary sensation serves four and is normally only served to parties of at least two diners. For those with a smaller appetite, the smaller Mickey Sink is also available at the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor in the Magic Kingdom. This Mickey-fied version of the colossal creamy classic has two scoops of three ice-cream flavors and is loaded with classic toppings, all served in a souvenir bowl shaped like Mickey’s shorts. Whatever your choice, be sure you have an insatiable sweet-tooth and a strong stomach.


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