13 Disney Experiences for Hardcore Fans


4. Keep It Classic

I know what you’re thinking, there are dozens of rides in Walt Disney World, how can they not all be classics? Slow down, Maurice… I’m referring to the original classic rides from the theme park’s early years. This mainly applies to rides in The Magic Kingdom, but certain Think of it like this, if it has a Disneyland counterpart, it counts as a  classic ride. This includes rides such as Space Mountain, Small World, and The Haunted Mansion. Fear not, the other parks are home to classics too. Rides such as Star Tours, Dinosaur, and Soarin’ are also worthy of the name, but if you’re looking for the true classic experience, it’s The Magic Kingdom all the way.

3. Character Safari

Perhaps one of this writer’s favorite pastimes is simply taking time out of the day to mix and mingle with Disney World’s cast of colorful characters. No trip to the parks is complete without a few photos from the various Meet and Greet venues scattered about the property, and to leave a park without getting a hug from our favorite mouse is simply a crime. Many hardcore Disney fans take up a sort of character safari to try to snap as many character photos as they can before the day is out. From Anna and Elsa to Mickey and Minnie, put your spotting skills to the test and see how many famous faces you can find.


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