13 Coolest Ride Queues on A Hot Day At Magic Kingdom

Jungle Cruise

4. Jungle Cruise

Before your “punny” journey through the jungle, you’ll have to wait in a shaded and well cooled queue. This queue is typically fairly long and does wind back and forth, but it does stay relatively cool on hot days, especially with the help of plenty of fans, themed décor, and some puns to get you through it.

5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Here’s another outdoor, but shaded queue featuring fun, interactive elements that match the ride and Frontierland themes. With fans, shade, and some outdoor water features, this queue can remain pretty cool, and gets much cooler as you head closer and closer to the loading platform, which is located below the main area of the queue. Plus, a ride on this fun, fast-paced roller coaster will surely cool you down on a hot day!

6. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

This is one of the more unique queues in the Magic Kingdom because it features a large indoor play area for small children to enjoy while they wait to take flight with Dumbo! This cool, indoor queue and play area is a perfect escape on a hot day, especially if you are traveling with Dumbo fans and young children.


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