12 Unforgettable Disney World Experiences For Your Bucket List

Beaches and Cream

4.  Beaches & Cream Soda Shop At Beach Club Resort

In this old fashioned 50’s style ice cream shop your taste buds will delight with several mouthwatering ice cream treats and diner style foods.  A popular treat is the “Famous Kitchen Sink” which serves four.  Eight scoops of ice cream and just about every topping you can think of is served in a “sink” complete with a mini faucet.  You’ll know yours is on the way to your table when you hear the sirens and see the flashing lights throughout the restaurant.  A smaller version of The “Famous Kitchen Sink” is served at the Magic Kingdom and comes in a souvenir container that looks like Mickey’s pants which is why it’s been dubbed “The Mickey Pants Sundae.”


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