12 Clever Tips For Planning and Executing a Flawless Trip to Disney World

3. Ship Souvenirs to Your Room

If you’re a Disney Resort hotel guest, you have the option of shipping souvenirs to your room. No matter where you make your purchase, shipment is free! It’s fast and easy- all you have to do is fill out a shipment form and your purchases will be sent accordingly.

2. Give Yourself Time

Transportation is free to all guests on property, however, it takes a lot of time to get from one place to another. Allot yourself enough time to get around. Arrive early when you can and prepare for the possibility of delays.

1. Relax

Some guests bounce from park to park with little or no rest in between. If running a marathon through the parks isn’t your thing, take time to relax! Check out your hotel, walk at a leisurely pace, and take in your surroundings. Do Disney at a pace that works best for you and don’t feel pressure to tackle everything at once.

Planning the perfect trip to Disney takes thought and preparation, but once you’re here it’s worth it! No matter how many times you’ve visited before, these tips and tricks never fail. Above all, remember to plan ahead and have fun!

By Amanda


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