11 Tips for Planning Your Walt Disney World Itinerary


Does planning your Disney vacation itinerary feel a little overwhelming? While there are a lot of things to consider, we are here to make it easier for you. Here are 11 tips for planning your Disney World itinerary:

11. Start early 

The further in advance you can make your Disney World plans, the higher chance you can get the dining reservations and FastPass reservations that you want. As soon as you start thinking about booking a Disney trip, begin considering what type of vacation you’d like it to be. Are you a rope-drop-to-fireworks kind of vacationer, or are you wanting a more relaxing and easygoing time? Are you traveling with only adults, or will you have children with you? All of these factors should play into how you plan your itinerary.

10. Park hours 

If you look online, you can usually find the park hours for the dates you have booked. Sometimes these hours change or shift depending on separately ticketed events, meaning the parks might close early or open later. The hours also change seasonally; during the summer the parks tend to stay open later. You will definitely want to take the park hours into consideration as you plan your days out. 

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