11 Fabulous Things to Do At Hollywood Studios When It's Raining

When summer meets Florida, you can pretty much count on a daily round of rain. Many visitors don't realize this and they let the daily afternoon storms upset them. However, this is completely unnecessary. Not only is the rain generally super short-lived, but most of the parks are well equipped for rainy days, meaning the wet weather doesn't ruin anything.
One of the very best parks to be in on a rainy day is Hollywood Studios. While the park does feature a few outdoor attractions, the vast majority of the rides and shows offered by Hollywood Studios are entirely indoors, making it easy to see and do a ton of super cool stuff without getting soaked.
Here are our favorite things to do in Hollywood Studios when the rain comes pouring down.

11. Embrace the Rain

First and foremost, you'll want to embrace the rain. Don't let it ruin your day. Instead, realize that you can't control it, it isn't hurting anything, and it's great at helping to clear out the crowds. In fact, one of the very best times to walk around Hollywood Studios is during rain when most people are hiding out and the paths are practically empty.
So go ahead, don a poncho and get ready for a day of watery fun!

10. Ride Star Tours

Star Tours is easily one of our favorite Disney attractions on a rainy day. Not only is the ride itself indoors, the majority of the queue is as well. The queue is entertaining too, and because the ride experience changes with each ride, you can actually circle through this attraction multiple times without getting bored.

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