10 Times A Year When Magic Kingdom Reaches Full Capacity

The Magic Kingdom is such a special place for guests of all ages!  It’s where memories are made and where smiles never leave the faces of its visitors.  Checking out the Magic Kingdom is a big deal for guests whether they are planning something special, celebrating a birthday or another milestone, or just hanging with Mickey and his pals for the day, however, it can be very difficult for park goers to cross off their to-do list when there are large crowds.  Unfortunately, the parks are offering more and more special events so within the last few years, it seems the crowds are always present no matter what time f the year it is, however, there are some times that the massive crowds are inevitable.  Below are ten times a year when the Magic Kingdom has massive crowds to the point where the capacity could be reached.  If beating the crowd is a priority, these are the ten best times to avoid heading to Magic Kingdom.


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