10 Things You Must Do In Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom At Least Once

Cinderella Castle

1. Stay for the Good Night Kiss

As mentioned earlier, every guest should experience the magical happenings the moment they start for the day. Likewise, every guest should at least once stay for the very end. You may be tired after a long day at the park but staying for the very end is entirely worth it. In fact, by doing so you’ll be treated to the rare lesser-known opportunity to experience the “Good Night Kiss” from the Castle.  This happens during the final hour or so of operation at the Magic Kingdom, once all the rides and attractions close down for the evening and remaining guests are led to the Main Street U.S.A. area where the various shops will remain open. At this time the lights on the Castle will start to twinkle and the well-known song “When You Wish Upon A Star” will play followed by a voiceover narrative bidding a very special good night to the park visitors. The Good Night Kiss may repeat several or more times during the remaining park time, so you may even get to experience it more than once in a single evening!

There are just so many things to add to your list of must-do experiences at the Magic Kingdom. While it would be nearly impossible to accomplish each and every feat imaginable, it’s still worth a try. Just keep dreaming up new possibilities for things to do, because “if you can dream it, you can do it.”

By Laura Hermoza


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