10 Things Disney Pros Do When They Visit Magic Kingdom

2. They pin trade.

Well, actually, lots of guests pin trade. But pros know how to make the most of it, especially at the Magic Kingdom. They know that it makes the most sense to spend ten or twelve bucks on the pins that they love and would never trade, then purchase a huge lot of pins for trading on eBay, where many merchants sell pins for only $0.40 each as part of a lot (25, 50, 100 or more pins per purchase). This is great because as long as they are official trading pins, those 40-cent pins can be traded for some really nice pins, some that may complete a collection they’ve begun, and some that they’ve been wanting to purchase, but can trade for and really be the winner on the trade! Pros also know that the Magic Kingdom can offer some of the best pin trading at WDW because there are so many opportunities to encounter cast members at each of the attractions.



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