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10 Signs That You’re Ready For A Walt Disney World Trip


When is a good time for a trip to Disney World? Anytime and ALL the time! But if you find these ten Disney keystones popping up in you’re life, you know you’re REALLY in need of a Disney fix…

10. Dreams – This is a no-brainer. When your dreams take you on flying elephants, across savannas, or under the sea, your subconscious may be telling you it’s time to go to Disney World. If your shut-eye opens up whole new worlds with princesses and pirates, take back the night at the only place where your dreams really can come true.

9. Fantasy – And when dreams spill over into the daytime, it’s another tell-tale sign that a WDW trip is in order. Do you fantasize about Dole Whips on a hot day? Do you wish it was acceptable to wear ears to a business meeting? Do you pretend you’re walking down Main Street USA or daydream about dinner in the Polynesian? Then it’s high time to turn fantasy into reality with a Disney trip.

8. Wonder – Are you a My Disney Experience stalker? “Hmmm…I wonder what the wait time is at Peter Pan?” [Opens app to check] “I wonder what street performers are out in Epcot right now?” [Pulls up entertainment section in app] “I wonder if people could see both Illuminations and Fantasmic in one night?” [Checks daily schedule in app] “I wonder if I could get bacon at the Crystal Palace buffet?” [Obviously needs to know this second – opens app] Stop wondering – just GO!

7. Communication – If you hear yourself saying things like: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please keep your seat belts fastened while the minivan is in motion” or “Please keep all hands, arms, and legs to yourself, for goodness sakes!” then you should probably just go to Disney. It’s called speaking in ‘Disnese’, and you’ll be totally understood at WDW. “For your safety, no flash photography of mommy in the morning. My EMH’s don’t start until at least 8:00 even though you’re an AP. No FP’s!” Yeah, pack the suitcase – we get you.

6. Animation – Some people binge-watch Netflix shows, and have to cancel their subscription to go cold-turkey. But if you find yourself binge-watching Disney animation movies, the only real cure is a Disney trip. Feed the addiction, in this case, I say.

5. Imagination – Is someone you love starting to see things? Like your daughter really sees Cinderella’s Castle instead of a fort of couch cushions. Or your son is convinced that the floor becomes a sea teeming with crocodiles while sword-fighting on the bed (ahem, boat). And stuffed animals most certainly have feelings and voices, duh. They’re not crazy – they’re using their imagination. If you can’t see what they see, well get to Disney as soon as you can. (Imagination infusions come standard upon entry.)

4. Innovation – Do you find yourself channeling your inner Walt as you build legos with your kids? Are you constantly holding your culinary creations to the standard of Disney chefs? Do you re-imagine playgrounds and innovate better crowd control in mega-stores? Don’t be ashamed – that’s Disney imagineering rubbing off on you! Get back to WDW for more inspiration, pronto!

3. Music – Are the lyrics to “Be Prepared” echoing as you get ready for your day? Do you whistle “Whistle While You Work”…at work? Is your playlist full of more Arendelle than Adele? If you find yourself humming “It’s a Small World”, well, you’re totally doomed…but studies show that a Disney trip can get that melody out of your head.

2. Memories – Do you linger over the castle wallpaper on your smartphone? Are you sighing longingly as you use a favorite souvenir? Find yourself paging through scrapbooks of Disney trips? Well, letting those pages get tattered would be a monumental travesty. You MUST make some new Disney memories on the double!

1. Magic – What’s this? Extra money after the bills are paid?! Some may call that being thrifty. But Disney lovers know there’s only one explanation for that kind of good fortune…MAGIC. When magic of that magnitude happens, it’s totally a sign from the Mouse….book a trip ASAP!

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