10 Magic Kingdom Touring Tips For Kids With Special Needs

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Families with children comprise a large part of the approximately 20 million people who visit the Magic Kingdom annually. Of course they do! It’s Disney World, right? But did you know that many of the children who are walking beside you down Main Street, in line behind you for Enchanted Tales with Belle or sharing the bench with you on It’s A Small World, have Autism? If you have a child with Autism, you know that the way in which your child communicates, whether verbal or nonverbal, as well as the way he or she interacts in social situations can be different from what other children do. You’re probably also aware of his or her tendency to be rigid in routines at times. And while each child with Autism or ASD presents with different characteristics, different needs and different approaches to everyday scenarios, the diagnosis of Autism should never be a deterrent to taking your child to the parks, especially the Magic Kingdom. After all, it’s a wonderland for children of all ages! But planning and preparation are vital to the success of this magical experience. Here are ten things to do to help tailor-make a priceless experience at the Magic Kingdom for your child and to have the best opportunity to make it magical and memorable for both of you and for the rest of your family.


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