10 Fun Facts About Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

10. Hawaiian Hospitality

The Polynesian’s presentation of a warm, one-of-a-kind welcome knows no equal. The resort’s motto reads “Aiita Peatea,” which translates to “There will be another day tomorrow, just like today.” And just like today, tomorrow, and all days of your stay, you’re in for a wonderful time. Upon arrival you will be presented with your own flowery lei. You can also meet the Polynesian’s own onsite Hawaiian ambassador, Kau’i Brandt—better known as “Auntie Kau’i.” She’s been here nearly from the resort’s beginning, moving first from Oahu to Disneyland for the Polynesian show in 1971 and then making the move to Disney World as the Polynesian’s exclusive cultural legend and representative. Now well into her 80s, she’s still as spry as ever—making flowery leis in the lobby with children and even leading hula dance lessons to those who are interested. 

The Polynesian is pure paradise right in the heart of the most magical place on earth. There’s always more to discover and new developments in the mix—adding to the ever increasing list of fascinating fun facts to uncover.

By Laura Hermoza


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