10 Expert Disney Tips We’ll Bet You Haven’t Heard


4.  Bathroom Facilities

They are everywhere.  But, there are some that are sort of hidden.  Here are a few of these necessary facilites in their not-so-well-known locations: 

Magic Kingdom--on Main Street between Casey’s Corner and the Crystal Palace, at the Pirates of the Caribbean  gift shop to the left as you exit the builidng; very secluded.

Epcot—in the Land Pavilion, upper level, just around the corner from the Garden Grill restaurant, World Showcase—The American Adventure Pavilion.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios—Sunset Boulevard—right after Planet Hollywood Super Store, in a recessed area, hardly noticeable and secluded; Commissary Lane, a door to the right of the entrance to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater gives easy access to bathroom facilities.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom—the exit of the “Finding Nemo Musical”, Rafiki’s Planet Watch at Conservation Station, generally line free. 

**FYI—There are no restrooms in Liberty Square because they would not have had them in Colonial times.**

Photo Credit: Disneytouristblog.com


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