10 Best Meals On-The-Go At Disney World's Magic Kingdom 

Liberty Square WAffle

10. Waffle Sandwiches (Sleepy Hollow)

Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory, Sleepy Hollow has a delicious on-the-go meal for you. Their waffle sandwiches are simply fantastic, and a must-try for anyone visiting the Magic Kingdom.

The sweet-and-spicy chicken waffle sandwich offers the perfect combination of savory chicken and sweet sauce all wrapped up in a giant, fluffy waffle. Alternatively, the fresh fruit waffle sandwich combines fruit, chocolate-hazelnut spread, and a perfect waffle for an ideal sweet breakfast option.

There you have it folks, our favorite on-the-go options in Magic Kingdom! Next time you need something good to eat while waiting in line or watching a show, give one of these items a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed, and your rumbling tummy will be more than satisfied.

By Chelsea


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