YAY! You're Going to Disney World for the First Time! Now What?


7. Plan What to Pack (and What NOT to Pack)

No pressure or anything, but the things you bring to the resort and into the parks themselves can make or break your visit. As with any kind of travel, you should of course plan to bring enough clothes to last you the entire trip — unless you intend to do laundry while you're there — along with shoes that are comfortable enough to walk many miles in.

We also recommend bringing a roomy, ergonomic backpack, stocked with items such as...

    •       Ponchos or small umbrellas (for when it rains)

    •       Snacks (because you'll get hungry as you walk around)

    •       Sunscreen (that Florida sun'll getcha if you aren't careful)

    •       Baby wipes (for freshening up and/or cleaning food messes)

    •       Battery packs (to keep your devices charged)

    •       An autograph book (for when you meet various characters)


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