What You Need to Know About Visiting Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Land

1. There is a ton of construction

The reason why people are reluctant to visit this park currently is because there is a ton of construction going on. Toy Story Land is slated to open next summer while Star Wars Land is slated to open in 2019. Both lands will be toward the back of the park, so there is a chunk of the park that is out of operation at the moment. In addition, the Great Movie Ride closed earlier this year to make way for an all-new Mickey Mouse attraction, which means one less ride to experience during your trip. Even though there isn’t as much to do currently, that will all change within the next year.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is undergoing major changes that will truly shape the future of the park. While there isn’t as much to do as of right now, it’s still worth checking out and experiencing for at least one day, or half a day, during your trip. I highly suggest getting a park hopper so you don’t feel obligated to stay, but definitely pop in and enjoy the atmosphere and experiences it does have to offer!

Photo Credit: Disney

By Monet


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