What You Need To Know About Disney World's 4 Main Parks

BONUS: Water Parks

Besides the four main parks, Disney World also has two water parks:

  • Typhoon Lagoon is an awesome water park with a fun theme. The story behind this park is that a giant hurricane came through and destroyed the area, leaving behind mess, mayhem, and tons of watery fun. The park features plenty of thrilling slides as well as an opportunity to snorkel with sharks or learn to surf.

  • Blizzard Beach is themed after a ski resort and comes complete with a ski lift to the top of a tall mountain. Thanks to some awesome kiddie areas, this park is the best water park option for little ones but does still boast some pretty awesome slides, including the terrifying Summit Plummet.

Admission to the water parks is not included with a regular ticket, so you will want to make sure to add the Park Hopper Plus option or purchase water park tickets separately. Please note that while at least one of the water parks does remain open at all times, there are times during the colder months that one park will close for renovations.

There you have it folks: every Disney World park in a nutshell. Hopefully this helps you create a solid plan that you can build a great trip on!

By Chelsea


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