What You Need To Know About Disney World's 4 Main Parks

Epcot Yellow Trees

3. Epcot

A few years after Magic Kingdom opened, the Disney company introduced EPCOT (now written as “Epcot”). Walt Disney envisioned Epcot as an “experimental prototype city of tomorrow” where innovative new technologies would be constantly introduced and put to use. However, after Walt’s death, Disney’s Imagineers decided that the plan was not entirely feasible and soon reinvented the concept of Epcot as a theme park.

This park now include two sections: Future World and the World Showcase.


Future World includes a variety of innovative attractions, all of which encourage visitors to appreciate the world around them, explore science and technology, and look to the future. This is a wonderful place for those who are interested in science and bettering our world. It is also the home to the enormous iconic “golf ball” (aka Spaceship Earth) that so many associate with the park.

Meanwhile, the World Showcase features numerous “pavilions” that are made to represent countries around the globe. Each pavilion features food, merchandise, and attractions that encompass the culture of that part of the world. One could easily spend a full day walking around this awesome place.


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