What to Expect When You Visit Walt Disney World in the Fall and Winter

MK Entrance Crowd

1. More crowded

This probably goes without saying, but you should expect to see higher crowd levels when you choose to visit Walt Disney World during the fall/winter season. People take off from work, kids are out of school on fall and winter breaks and everyone wants to experience the holiday magic at Disney. Wait times will definitely be longer and you’ll have to snag a good spot for the fireworks at least an hour in advance, but it’s a fun time of year regardless.

Though it can be a crazy time of year, visiting Walt Disney World in the fall/winter is a great experience. The best thing to remember is that no matter what, you’re with the people who matter most making memories in the most magical place on earth. Be sure to try and visit during this time of year so you can partake in all of the fun festivities!

By Monet


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