We’ve Ranked Walt Disney World’s Deluxe Resorts

Honorable Mention: Swan Resort

Nestled along the Epcot resorts near the Disney Boardwalk you will find the Swan and Dolphin hotels between The Yacht Club and The Boardwalk resort.  Both the Swan and Dolphin are conveniently located and are serviced by Disney transportation. However, they are not Disney resorts. This means the character themed room décor, lobby and pool area that Walt Disney World guests are accustomed to seeing is not there.  That being said, both the Swan and Dolphin resorts are luxurious, beautiful and offer wonderful amenities and dining options to guests.  We encourage you not to let the fact that the Swan and Dolphin are not traditional Disney deluxe resorts stop you from planning a trip to visit, you will be pleased with your experience at either of these resorts.


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