We've Ranked Magic Kingdom's Quick Service Restaurants from 10 to 1

Golden Outpost

8. Golden Oak Outpost

And now, controversy within controversy.  The Golden Oak Outpost in Frontierland comes in at number 8, despite having a list of entrées and sides that you can count on exactly 2 fingers.  And those would be chicken breast nuggets and waffle fries.  And while they are darn good chicken breast nuggets and waffle fries, Golden Oak comes in a little bit higher on the list based on the hopes of many guests that they will bring back their novelty topped waffle fries – even if only seasonally.  Once serving everything from barbecue pork waffle fries and brown gravy and cheese waffle fries to BLT waffle fries and Tex-Mex waffle fries, Golden Oak has slimmed down its menu to the bare bones – or fries, as it were.  But a return to glory is only one public outcry away!

Photo Credit: Disney


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