We've Ranked Magic Kingdom's Quick Service Restaurants from 10 to 1

The Lunching Pad

10. The Lunching Pad

We might as well acknowledge the elephant in the room – no, not Dumbo – and state for the record that what Disney considers a snack location versus what they consider a lunch or dinner location appears to be decided arbitrarily.  The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland kicks off the quick service restaurant list at the bottom despite offering a wonderful, iconic Disney food item, the Mickey Pretzel.  Get it plain with cheese sauce or stuffed with cream cheese, caramel, or pepper jack cheese.  Or you can go for their all-beef hot dog, but that’s where the choices end.  Compare that to Sleepy Hollow, which Disney considers a snack location but which offers more entrée items, including corn dogs, pretzel dogs, a chicken waffle sandwich, and even a baked potato.   At any rate, the Lunching Pad brings up the rear for its limited choices.

Photo Credit: Disney


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