Walt Disney World Vocabulary 101 – The Terms to Know Before You Go!


6. Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is a method in which guests can “buy” their food before arriving on property.  Guests participating in the Disney Dining Plan can select the type of dining plan they like.  The various plans entitle guests to a certain number of table service, counter service, and snacks per day.  Rather than having to fish cash out of their pockets, guests just scan their MagicBand to pay for their meals!

5. MagicBands

MagicBands are the plastic bracelets guests wear that contain their FastPass selections, allow access to their room and other amenities at their resorts, as well as can act as a way for guests to charge purchases on property to their guest account.  MagicBands also serve as a way for guests to express their Disney personalities – my favorite is my Grumpy MagicBand that I can add BandIts to show my favorite characters and attractions!


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