Top 9 Tips For Your Last Day At Disney World Resort

The last day of any trip is a bit sad, and this is especially true for those magical trips to Walt Disney World Resort. After all, nobody likes to leave the magic this amazing resort has to offer, and really we can't blame them. Who could?
That said, there are things you can do to make that last day a bit less miserable. After many, many visits to Disney World, we've finally come up with the least painful way for us to say goodbye to our beloved happy place. In fact, by using this specific set of steps, we can sometimes leave the most magical place on earth with only a few tears rather than a full blown breakdown.
While some of our tricks may not necessarily work for you, we are betting that quite a few of them can help. Therefore, we are sharing our top 9 tips for your last day at Disney World Resort.
We hope these tips are useful to you for years to come!

9. Schedule a Late Flight

If you're flying out, be sure to choose the latest flight possible. This will ensure you get the most out of your vacation time by allowing you to play for a few more hours the day of your departure. Just remember when you’re doing your planning that you will need to head to the airport about 3 hours before your flight departs.

8.  Pack Bags Early

No matter when your flight (or car) leaves, you'll still need to check out of your Disney resort sometime before 11am. Fortunately, you are allowed to leave bags at the front desk until you're ready to head off-property. If you'll be using Magical Express (which we’ll discuss in a bit), you can even check your bags right there at the desk. Of course, if you’re driving home you can also just leave your bags in the car.
In any case, you will want to pack up those bags early and get out of the room as early as possible in order to fully enjoy your last few hours of Disney fun.

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