Top 9 Tips For Your Last Day At Disney World Resort

Contemporary Resort Bus

3. Download Entertainment

You never know how well the Wi-Fi is going to work on your trip home. Prevent terrible boredom by taking advantage of Disney Wi-Fi and downloading plenty of Disney movies, books, music, and other entertainment for the trek back to your home state. You'll be glad to have something to keep your mind off leaving Disney.

2. Ride Magical Express

If you'll be flying out, be sure to reserve your spot on Magical Express well before your trip begins. This Disney bus will take you directly from your hotel to the airport absolutely free of charge. Best of all, it extends the Disney magic just a bit longer before you have to say your goodbyes.

1. Start Planning for Next Time

If you find yourself feeling a bit down in the dumps on the trip home, try cheering yourself up by planning your next Disney vacation. Planning is half the fun after all, and how can you be sad when you know you have another amazing Disney adventure waiting in your future?

By Chelsea


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